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Saddle up!

Project Description

Széchenyi 2020

Title of the project: TOP-1.2.1-15-HB1-2016-00010 – “Saddle up! Historical tours along the Berettyó river” thematic hiking trail – development of architectural, historical, literary values and traditions of Berettyóújfalu, Bakonszeg, Zsáka for tourist purposes

Project ID: TOP-1.2.1-15-HB1-2016-00010

Beneficiary: Municipality of Berettyóújfalu

Amount of aid: 214.74 million forints

Aid in %: 99.88%

Starting date of the project: 1 January 2017

Planned end date: 31 May 2021


The project was carried out under the Széchenyi 2020 Programme with 215 million forints European Union subsidy with the consortium management of the Berettyóújfalu Municipality in three settlements and in three locations: Museum of Bihar in Berettyóújfalu, Bessenyei György Memorial Building in Bakonszeg, a property belonging to the Rhédey Palace.

The Programme provides opportunity for these three communities to improve the attractiveness of the Bihar region through joining the potential tourist destinations, moreover it includes the possibility of connecting these places to the countrywide network of themed routes.

The general objective of the project is to boost the competitiveness of the county and the region as well by the development of a themed route that connects Bihar’s tourist attractions representing the rich historic and cultural heritage of the region. In addition, these sights have modern infrastructure and provide high-quality services.

The Bessenyei György Memorial Building of Bakonszeg was the place where the implementation of the project began with total renovation roofing framework, rethatching, external and internal painting, improving the power grid. Furthermore, sanitary facilities have been constructed in a separate building. The fence has been restored as well. Moreover, a sheltered resting-place has been established suitable for hosting various cultural programmes and classes.

The Memorial Park has been built next to the Rhédey Palace in Zsáka. It includes a 40 X 100 metres Hussar Reenactor horse paddock with a fully covered viewing area for 200 people and the Hussar craft workshop equipped with two kilns. Moreover, as part of the renovation of the front garden of the Rhédey Palace a car park and a bicycle storage have been constructed in order to increase access to the facility.

In the Museum of Bihar in Berettyóújfalu, the façade and the interiors open for visitors have been renovated. Furthermore, through installation of an elevator the Museum has become accessible for people with reduced mobility. The project included the modernisation of the firefighting and security systems for better protection of the cultural goods housed in the facility and the visitors. A multifunctional information desk has been set up on the ground floor which serves as reception desk, cloak-room and box office. As part of the project several rooms of the permanent exhibition have been modernised to 21st century expectations and touristic attractions have been carried out on premises of the Museum.

Under the project the three facilities offer joint events to the visitors in the Bihar region.


Museum of Bihar


Bessenyei György Memorial Building

Rhédey Palace

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